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Please help me understand why people seek an

outside source for direction.


People are screaming “help me”

all day long.


Everything you need is already inside you.





Just hear me out for a minute.


Standard traditional businesses takes four to five

years to turn a true profit.


Even with that, it will take another two to five

years to really have a significant amount of income

coming in.


Then you still have your overhead, employees,

etc. that you still have to be accountable for.


Ok let’s look at you trying to climb the corporate



To achieve any kind of executive position in any kind

of job.


You will have to be there for years and then wait

to see if you are chosen out of all the applicants

that have applied for the same position.


Even our young people are screaming “HELP ME”


We even think that going to college is the answer

for stability and financial freedom.




Don’t get me wrong by all means the college

institutions are great for higher learning and

seeking specialty skills.


My children will be attending college, but I

know its not the end of all means.


It’s just the next step in life (or at least one of

them anyway.)


Let me ask you this…….


Who do you know that has a bachelors or masters

degree that is either not working in the area which

they received the degree in or just cannot find any

career positions for the area they have their degrees



I know plenty.


The general population works 40 hours a week for

40 years just to retire on 40% of the income which

they could not live off of when it was 100%.


Read that three more times……. crazy right.


This is a fact because I have seen it personally.


My dad always has been a hard worker all of his



So he had retired from the post office back in 2007.

(and of course he got his pension, some other funding,

and social security.)


And guess what he did after he retired?


He had to get a part-time job as a pizza delivery driver

because there was still more month left after the end of

my mom’s and dad’s money.


I mean these are suppose to be their golden

years after he retired, enjoying life!


What is so golden about it?


Somebody help me understand this.


I am no expert by any means.


But you know what…..


Even the experts don’t even agree

with each other.


Some say this…


Some say that.


They just help me be even more confuse.


What’s my point to all this.


The point is who are you listening to.


Who are you putting your trust in.


Why not rely in yourself.


Your own talents, gifts, abilities, skills.


Why not take control over your life.


Invest in yourself and educate yourself.


Let’s do this for ourselves and the future



So they don’t be yelling “help me”


PS This is a place where you can express your thoughts

and opinions and make an income for it. For real

Help me